1. Bagged And Boarded Bullet Reviews #39

    GHOST RIDER #52 (Aug. 1994):

    Probably one of my least favorite issues of the series, even when I first read it (Although, the absolute WORST part of this series is still to come…) it reads like the worst kind of filler issue.
    Ghost Rider goes after Hellgate, a pretty lame character, who captured Vengeance. While attacking his stronghold a mystery character called Shriker shows up and joins the Rider in his assault. An attempt at building the mystery of who Shriker is is attempted but the character is easily forgetful, I really don’t remember him.
    In the end, Hellgate escapes and when the Rider saves Vengeance he almost to quickly tells the Rider that he’s leaving New York and heading out west. Later we learn that Hellgate has gone west and that’s the reason why Vengeance is heading that way.
    Overall, this issue was a total throwaway…it didn’t even have a good cover!

    HOWARD THE DUCK #12 (May 1977):

    Howard has lost his mind. Continuing this theme from the previous two issues, this time we find that Howard has been committed and he seems willing to stay in his condition.
    Over the last few issues Howard has been hearing voices in his head, telling him things, guiding him…but we’ve not known if these were products of his mind or if there is something more behind them.
    As Howard tries to fall into his new life, the voices decide to show their true nature and springing from the mind of Howard The Duck is the very first comicbook appearance of the legendary rock group KISS!!

    When this book was being published, I was only 4 years into collecting comics and, for the most part, stayed with Marvel, Chaos! Comics and, as long as it was Lobo, DC Comics. When I think that I remember seeing this book on the shelves of my LCS and didn’t grab it…The regrets of youth, right?
    Anyway, having killed his target for the mob and, barely, escaping the prison he was in, Scud finds himself, after taking a 12-mile plunge in a reinforced weapons semi-truck, in with some very entertaining…um, rebels? A group of people who follow the wisdom of a fast food character.
    Their ultimate goal is to free their leader from prison, a goal Scud is willing to help them with for a price, until it’s learned that the leader is the same guy Scud killed last issue!
    In the end, well, we end up with a lot of dead people and a maximum security prison totally destroyed and the third issue of a highly entertaining, very energetic comicbook that I simply cannot recommend enough! 

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